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    Hello, I am JoJo or Joseph (whichever is more to your liking). I am currently looking for dedicated, professional, honest and decent individuals that would be willing to help manage my server that I am opening very soon.

    The Server:
    - Name: Unturned Realism
    - Summary: It will feature various functions found among other servers, which work to make servers attractive. It will primarily PVP-focal however, there will be roleplay (semi); just make things seem realistic, nothing wonky or over-the-board crazy. At the end of the day, the main goal is for players to enjoy themselves (this should be the aim of all staff). Once I've picked my applicants and processed them I will further explain meticulously. I want to create this server with suggestions and attributions from the staff cabinet; ensuring quality performance.

    Staff Positions:
    - Administrator: (Me)
    - RP Moderator: (3x Vacancies) (Will moderate server & ensure highest quality game-play.)
    - Event Manager: (1x Vacancy) (Will ensure that there are ample events and the server continues to satisfy players, preferably for creative individuals; EM's also hold the same power as RP Mods.)

    Note: After a 2 week trial period, your position will be finalized; however until then you will be on a probationary period. After 1 - 2 months of service, each staff member will have a chance at becoming the Head Moderator.

    The Application: [Reply Using This Format]
    - Name: (In-game)
    - Position Applying For: (RP Moderator or Event Manager)
    - Schedule: (How many days out of the week can you be on?)
    - Timezone: (To determine your "shift")
    - Are You Capable Of Working On A Team: (Yes or no; please explain)
    - Any Coding Knowledge: (yes or no; please explain)
    - Previous Experience: (Have you been on another server's staff, if so; list them)
    - Experience: (How long have you been playing Unturned)
    - Preferred Communication (Skype, Steam Chat, etc | Do you have a microphone?)
    - Knowledgeable with Commands & IDs: (yes or no; please explain)
    - Why Are You A Qualified Candidate: (None of that sappy stuff, be 100% honest. The better you write here, the more likely you are to be chosen.)

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