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Belington v0.4.4.1

Shhh, be quiet she'll hear you.

  1. NEID
    Compatible with:
    Belington - map where there are mountains and plains, lots of forests, free space (great choice of location for the construction of the base), so do not forget to check the bottom of the river, because now there is something to look for, and be careful in the woods, because wolves and bears are not asleep.
    2016-01-23_00003.jpg 2016-01-29_00002.jpg 2015-12-10_00001.jpg
    Of the features can mark the start of the game, you will start in the camps "survivors" (safe zone), and they have some stores of food, drink, melee weapons and clothing.
    About loot: while he is not much of thebalance, in the future will fix that.
    Map size: Map.jpg .

    It is alsopresentin the Steam workshop.


    1. 2015-12-10_00003.jpg
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