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    Update Notes:

    • Added HMG to Hind and HMG Box. [ID 1395]
    • Added Ghillie Netting. [IDs 1396-1397]
    • Added support for server plugins to request client to view URL.
    • Added guide for creating community updates.
    • Improved wheeled vehicle audio.
    • Improved objects to save by file name rather than ID.
    • Tweaked several more actions/sounds to attract zombies.
    • Tweaked generator/fire/drill noises to be less annoying.
    • Tweaked bans to apply by IP as well as steam ID if the target is connected.
    • Tweaked streamer mode to hide slightly more info.
    • Fixed hole in roof at end of metro tunnel.
    • Fixed farm tractor spawns.
    • Fixed note_18 line count.
    • Fixed fire_1 side door slot.
    • Fixed gap in silo radio tower ladder.
    • Fixed floating bush near junkyard.
    • Fixed floating lights at mansion.
    • Fixed confusingly placed boat objects.
    • Fixed switches at factory/junction.
    • Fixed several jumps in main line tracks.
    • Fixed zombie spawn in airport rafters.
    • Fixed zombie spawn in wall of camp cottage.
    • Fixed incorrect boat spawns in wrong places.
    • Fixed mafia zombie drops spawnrate.
    • Fixed up collision issues a bit with Mooki's objects.
    • Fixed underground zombie/vehicle spawns in front of airport.
    • Fixed missing and/or over exaggerated rubble at crashes.
    • Fixed military sandbag wall bottom face.
    • Fixed zombies getting stuck on camp docks.
    • Fixed zombies getting stuck in some firewatches.
    • Fixed Russian flag gib material.
    • Fixed rubble gibs to match object scale.
    • Fixed destroying generator not disabling power.
    • Fixed player arrow to show on top of group icons.
    • Fixed makeshift vehicle world collision heights.
    • Fixed new bunkers missing death barriers.
    • Fixed oxygenator not working on vehicles.
    • Fixed car bumper damage when crashing into high density of objects.
    • Fixed applying interactable object animation state when loading area.
    • Fixed cases in multiplayer where item physics could load before objects.
    Community Update Guide:

    Following the release of Russia I've put together the start of a guide based on what I learned from teaming up with workshop modders to help open up the opportunity for others, and I'm very excited about the potential for a few 100% community created updates! It will be adjusted over time to cover more aspects as feedback comes in. Here's the link:

    View Guide

    Russia Map Crash:

    If you are experiencing a crash while loading the Russia map then judging from submitted log files it's quite likely Unturned is running out of RAM/memory! In most cases this is due to preloading large amounts of workshop content - so as a temporary workaround you can unsubscribe from extra workshop files.

    Object IDs:

    If you have custom objects in your map chances are you've run into some ID conflict issues before. Maps saved after this update will now only use the ID as a backup

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