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Discussion in 'Unturned News' started by Nelson Sexton, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Nelson Sexton

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    Update Notes:

    • Added new server info screen when connecting.
    • Added ability to rotate items in display storage.
    • Added graphics options to enable/disable ragdolls and debris.
    • Added config options for remaining gamemode differences.
    • Added craftable sandwiches for all meats/fishes. [IDs 1398-1407]
    • Added Mannequins. [IDs 1408-1409]
    • Added Plaques. [IDs 1410-1413]
    • Improved performance of several core systems.
    • Tweaked medium/small engines to use the old audio.
    • Fixed potential cause of storage stuck in "busy" state.
    • Fixed wind rapidly changing direction.
    • Fixed detect radius multiplier to apply to all alerts.
    • Fixed amount of ammo in Matamorez Box.
    • Fixed repairing fishing rods rather than scrapping.
    • Fixed dropped clothing losing metadata.
    • Fixed placement of several bridges on Russia.
    • Fixed several easily abused spots in tank train tunnel.
    Server Info:

    Now when browsing the server list you can click on a server for more information about it before joining. If you host a server you can also include some extra details by setting a URL to a .png or .jpg icon and a short description in the Config.json file.


    Options such as hitmarkers, crosshairs, ballistics and maps are now available in the gameplay config section, and zombie speed in the zombies section. There's also a new feature to prevent repairing higher tier weapons.


    The most notable optimizations are many repeatedly created elements now getting pooled/reused, and much more aggressive automatic batching (some mods might need to tweak their texture wrap settings due to this), but several other features were improved as well. From here the next step I hope to take is upgrading to a more up-to-date version of Unity, although this is made tricky because of a physics change between 5.2 and 5.3 affecting many of Unturned's features.

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  2. Re-equip Book

    Re-equip Book N00b

    im gonna make a clothes store with the manniquins...

    and have one as a friend

    if you tell anyone i will hurt you. very very much!!!

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