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Discussion in 'Unturned News' started by Nelson Sexton, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Nelson Sexton

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    This week I improved and expanded a lot of the NPC features, added the ability to have objects tied to quests e.g. fixing the map's radio towers, added the Liberator/new objects to Russia and got started filling it with characters/quests. If you do visit the Liberator there are several interesting quests, but be warned it feels very empty without all the dialogue complete/missing characters.

    Going forward I'll be adding the rest of the core quests/dialogue, of which I have some ideas I'm pretty excited about like uncovering a traitor and solving a murder mystery. Then the side characters will come in to fill things out (for example the guards will instruct to visit the Captain when you come aboard, address you by your rank and keep a close eye on low rep players). I also want to give the Scientist character some unique rewards to research as you help out to reward trying different quests, so you'll come to him after doing a few quests and get a blueprint for maybe a bayonet or 4 barrel shotgun.

    If you want to get started with NPCs in your own map you can check through the official content for examples, although there are 3 currently unused condition types: Skillset, Kills_Zombie and Kills_Horde and 1 unused reward type: Item_Random (takes a spawn table ID).

    Update Notes:

    • Added Liberator aircraft carrier with a few NPCs to Russia.
    • Added NPCs, dialogue and vendor systems.
    • Added quests system and menu next to in-game playerlist.
    • Added reputation system and paragon/villain achievements.
    • Improved explosives to store/display killer.
    • Improved in-game playerlist to show links between groups.
    • Tweaked military wall texture to more closely match old one.
    • Tweaked Washington military base entrances.
    • Fixed unable to select buildables in editor in some cases.
    • Fixed problems with server loading vehicles inside bases.
    • Fixed halos on carepackage/dropship.
    • Fixed Russia boulder mining XP.
    • Fixed hitmarkers on dead resources.
    • Fixed forest ural lod_1 material.
    • Fixed sometimes able to overlap structures.

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