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Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by teyhota, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Hey Unturned fans! Teyhota's Dedicated Servers have been around since Unturned came out on Steam back in July of 2014. We were one of the top dedicated services back in the 2.0 days (we even ran 3 servers) and we want to strive to become the best again for 3.0! Our Website - teyhotasdedicated.webs.com

    Our Old Website From 2.0 Days (defunct) -- teyhotasdedicatedservers.weebly.com

    ============== Server Info ==============
    IP: tds1.hopto.org
    Port: 20801
    Password: NONE (yet)
    Map: Russia
    Mode: Normal/PvP
    Other: Secured, Rocket Plugins, cheats, kits, Vote Rewards, feast (air-drops), TPA, and MORE!

    I plan to upgrade as we grow (-- increase slots, multiple servers, store mod, dedicated website, etc).

    **We need admins! It is very easy to apply, just head over to our new site teyhotasdedicated.webs.com and click the link to submit a form.

    - Teyhota

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