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Discussion in 'Unturned News' started by Nelson Sexton, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Nelson Sexton

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    Hawaii Expansion Release:


    The community team which created Hawaii has been hard at work on an expansion to the map with tons of new content and locations to discover! It's now available to play and includes 30+ new quests.

    Update Notes:

    • Added Hawaii Expansion.
    • Added 7 new cosmetics/skins to the Hawaii Mystery Box.
    • Added gameplay config for min/max drops from normal, mega and boss zombies.
    • Added emission multiplier to effect volumes.
    • Added ability to delete groups. Leaving requires a new owner or only one member whereas deleting kicks all group members.
    • Tweaked all sight aiming distance to be more consistently further back.
    • Tweaked tutorial messages to be slightly more clear.
    • Fixed building interior LOD on maps using newer objects system.
    • Fixed unable to scale water volumes.
    • Fixed loading water volumes with surfaces disabled.
    Map Progress:

    This week I finished detailing all but one of the locations on the new map and am aiming to finish that and the spawns next week.

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