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Alkalys' Military Simulator (MilSim for short) [Ultra-realistic]

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Alkalys, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Alkalys

    Alkalys N00b+

    (If you don't want to go through all this 'Story of my Life' mess skip to the "bolded" title.

    Welcome citizen of Unturned to my Military Simulator for Unturned. My goal is to create Unturned's first Ultra-realistic Military Simulator, and to do that I need a semi-huge following and a server. In the past I've tried to set up a similar thing but failed due to in-activity, but now I might have the chance to restart it with an even bigger chance of it becoming a success. Below are rules you need to follow.

    You cannot -
    • wear enemy uniform. This is a serious offense.
    • spawn multiple kits just to 'salavage' them.
    • spawn enemy kits just to use them.
    • tpa to the enemy just to kill them.
    • spawn kill the enemy.
    • talk smack about other players.
    • abuse admin privileges.
    • hack or exploit

    You may -
    • use enemy gear (not including clothing), equipment and vehicles.
    • ask an moderator or admin to spawn vehicles (if they are in the mood for it).
    • destroy bedrolls or cots.
    • camp (but not to the extent that you are spawn killing).
    • talk military lingo e.g Sir, what's the sitrep? or We are one klick away.
    • use all types of vehicles whether it be civilian or military for all types of terrain.
    • surrender and / or give away the position of your allies (This may damage your reputaion).
    • report people for offending the rules
    • set traps for the enemy

    It is necessary to -
    • listen and follow your superiors (Person with higher rank).
    • listen to moderators or admins
    • respect other players.
    • give what people need e.g giving some ammo or healing them.
    • treat other teammates like brothers.
    • have fun!
    Click the link to submit a form

    I've still have to set up the groups. So expect a group invite soon!

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