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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rapid, Dec 18, 2016.

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    So recently after resetting my computer I haven't been able to play Unturned servers, When ever I join I can walk around for like 10 seconds before getting kicked and it displaying this message "You were kicked from this server because: BattlEye: Game restart required" Now I have tried restarted my game, restarting my computer, reinstalling BattlEye and reinstalling Unturned but I still get the same message after joining a server, Please help
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    Your best bet here to fix this is a System Restore or full reformat, because it sounds like the battleye file architecture is corrupt, and battleye is not running properly, thus making the game disconnect you because you don't have battleye. The way battleye works, I wouldn't be surprised if it is picked up/disabled by anti-malware programs. Try disabling antivirus as well, hope this helps.
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    I have the same issue and what I do is this. 1. Start Unturned 2. In task manager close BE.exe not sure what yours is called but its battleye. 3. Close game and open it again. 4. Vuala you should be fine now. Please let me know if this has helped.
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