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Best way to start off in Russia (Episode 1)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by TheJers, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. TheJers

    TheJers N00b


    We find a helicopter quickly and explore the map, discussing possible base locations, new vehicles, dead zones, and the map in general.
  2. HazzaHEM

    HazzaHEM N00b

    Usually I start of looting the farms (hoping for a chainsaw), going to firewatch (hoping for a gasmask/filters,) then make a base usually in the sky next to silo, raiding silo, getting loot, and BAM. You are ready
  3. TheJers

    TheJers N00b

    Haha I've come a long way since that video. Now days I find a chainsaw, make a small base, do a 5 man horde beacon, raid bases near firewatch for filters (using the guns we get from the beacon), hit up silo and BAM lol. I'm too lazy to farm my own filters. Horde beacon + Raiding is easier.
  4. PotatoLord

    PotatoLord Survivor++

    I start off looting farms and camps and usually find a gun or 2 and just go into cities and mug people for their stuff

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