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Buy Vip! Extra Perks!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ThornyMacaroon, May 3, 2015.

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  1. ThornyMacaroon

    ThornyMacaroon Rookie+

    For our new forum update donations will now released for the public to buy. By contributing to our forum and donating you will get special access to certain parts of the forum, custom title, special tags, and much more! Once you have donated we will allow you to contribute in new forum updates and possibly get your suggestions for Unturned forwarded to Nelson Sexton (Creator of Unturned) directly. More information on perks is listed below!

    -Vip Custom Title
    -50 Trophy Points
    -Shoutbox Colors
    -Extra Convo. Participants
    -Current Warnings Deleted
    -Vip Achievement
    -Unturned Suggestions forwarded to Nelson Sexton (Possibility)
    -Featured Resources (Yours or any of your choice)
    -Ability to sell resources (Manager Confirmation Required)

    And Much more to come! Vip ranks will always be updated and you will be notified via email or private message.
    All donations will go toward to making this community better and expanding it! With your help anything is possible!

    You can donate by clicking here!
    When buying Vip make sure to pm @ThornyMacaroon the paypal email that you used so you can get your perks on the forum.
    We will make sure that you are our first priority!

    - Unturned-Forum Management

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