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Early Survival Essentials Guide [For Newbies]

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Kofeygames, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Kofeygames

    Kofeygames N00b+

    This guide is intended for people who have learned the very basics of Unturned but are having trouble with the survival aspect. It is also based on single-player or private multi-player - there will be no help for PvP situations. It will be quite long so good luck!

    I will be referring to locations as named on the PEI Map. If you are unfamiliar with this please use the map in the spoiler below!


    I will also refer and supply links to the wiki and other guides which I have found to be useful!

    1. Finding a place to stay
    2. Making a house a home
    3. Early survival
    4. Sustainable food - very important
    5. Sustainable drink - very important
    6. Other important mentions

    Ideally you want somewhere near a town but isolated enough so zombies will not spawn in large numbers at your place.

    My personal favourite is Wiltshire Farm as it is relatively isolated, not too far from towns and provides fuel, sustainable food and drink.


    Alternatively, you can create your own house! SemiZer0 has a very simple how-to guide explaining how to do so. Click HERE to view his guide!

    Now you need to modify your home to make it safe and home-like!

    There are many items you can add to your home to do so, but I will only list those that I feel are most important.

    Sleeping Bags
    Once claimed, a sleeping bag will allow you to respawn on it if you happen to die. To do so, place the sleeping bag, click F to 'claim' it and then click 'Home' if you die!

    Sleeping bags can be found around the world or crafted.
    Sleeping Bag Crafting Recipe: 7 Cloth, 2 Duct Tape
    Images coming soon!

    Duct tape is found quite commonly around the world, where cloth can be found or crafted.
    To craft cloth simply put any clothes you find in your crafting menu. I recommend raiding the clothing shops in Alberton to easily gain 15-20 cloth.
    Images coming soon!

    Floor Traps

    Zombies which walk over floor traps will take considerable damage. They have already saved my life multiple times from those pesky zombies which want to bother me while I'm in my inventory!

    There are many different types of floor traps as listed HERE but Wooden Spike Traps and Caltrops seem to spawn the most often around the world. Some may be crafted but I will not be listing their crafting recipes on this guide as the wiki already explains this pretty well.

    Storage Crates
    Crates allow you to store up to 4 different items safely. This is useful as items left on the ground will de-spawn if left on the ground (as me and my friends found out the hard way).

    Crates can only be crafted and the crafter must have at least 1 point in Craftsman on their skill tree.
    Crate Crafting Recipe: 3 Wooden Crosses, 2 Wooden Frames
    Images coming soon!

    Click HERE to visit the wiki page for crates.

    Early survival can be very difficult on Unturned because you will find yourself needing food and water very often. These essential know-hows should make it at least a little easier!

    Almost every guide you read will probably have a section telling you which skills are most important. Essentials it's down to personal preference, so I will just list mine.

    Putting at least
    2 points into Endurance gives a very noticeable and significant boost to the duration of your sprint by making your stamina decrease slower - highly recommended.

    as many points in Survival as possible is recommended, but in my opinion not essential. It is very helpful because it makes your hunger and thirst increase slower, but you will eventually have 'infinite' food and water. Therefore, it should be your decision whether you want to use points elsewhere to help you get there faster OR use points in survival and not have to worry as much about it.

    as many points in Warrior as possible is recommended as you should probably be using melee weapons as much as possible to reduce noise and attract less zombies. It also decreases damage taken, which is nice since health-regenerating items can sometimes be hard to find.

    Melee or Guns?
    Always know when to use each! Rolling into a zombie-infested town and opening fire with nothing but a colt is obviously a VERY BAD IDEA because you'll attract every zombie in the town without having the firepower to deal with them. However, using a pocketknife to fight off a pack of 25 zombies is just as bad. :p

    Guns, Ammunition, Magazines and Attachments
    Pretty much all guns in Unturned use different magazines, but many use the same ammunition.

    You can see what type of magazine you need by equipping your gun and holding 'T'.

    As you can see in the image above, the type of magazine - Swift Magazine - and the amount of ammunition in each - 7/7 - is shown.

    Ammunition can be found around the world. It can then be crafted with appropriate magazines to fill them.

    Click HERE to visit the wiki page about ammunition.

    Attachments are parts you can add to your gun to make it better in some way. I find that the most common types of attachments are different types of scopes and sights but there are many others!

    Click HERE to visit the wiki page about attachments.

    Berries are found in bushes which are a common sight around the map. They are useful as a source of emergency food! There are many different types and each type has a different effect.

    All berries heal 10% hunger and 5% thirst but some have additional effects:

    The Good:

    Pink and green berries can be eaten without any side effects.

    The Bad:

    Purple berries give 30% sickness and cause hallucinations.
    Red berries give 20% sickness.

    The Ugly (but very fun :D):

    Pale and blue berries cause hallucinations but do not have any other negative effects.

    Berries can also be crafted together to make crushed berries.
    Click HERE to read about those in the wiki.

    Car Travel
    Cars are placed all over PEI and are a great means of fast, safe travel.

    You should aim to find a car which isn't smoking but a little smoke isn't too bad. You will need to refuel your car. To do so you must find a Gas Can. All gas cans are found full - it is recommended that you use this fuel to find a gas station in Charlottetown OR Burywood. Alternatively, there is a gas point at Wiltshire Farm.

    To refuel a car, simply equip a full gas can and left-click the car.

    To refill the gas can, simply equip an empty gas can and left-click a fuel source.
    Images coming soon!

    Arguably the most important turning-point of survival.

    Crop seeds (such as corn, carrots and cabbages) can be planted, harvested and replanted.

    To plant seeds, simply equip them and left-click the ground.

    Leave them to grow (should take around 20 minutes in my experience) then go back and harvest them by clicking 'F'.

    Now you have a choice:​
    • You can eat the crops to replenish some hunter​
    • You can craft the crops to receive 2 seeds and then re-plant
    Since you get 2 seeds from 1 crop, you now have a sustainable source of food!


    Again, arguably the most important turning-point of survival.

    To get a sustainable source of water you need a canteen. They can be found (rarely) or crafted.
    Canteen Crafting Recipe: 1 Can, 1 Bottled Water
    Images coming soon!

    Both of these crafting materials can be found around the world, but bottled water can be 'crafted'.

    Bottled Water Crafting Recipe: 1 Moldy Bottled Water, 1 Purification Tablets
    Images coming soon!

    The canteen is refillable using wells or water.

    To refill the canteen, simply equip it while it's empty and left-click a water source.

    Congratulations! You should now be in a position for easy survival! Have fun learning everything else there is to know about the game - I'm still learning a lot!


    The wiki is a very good source of information for this game. Here are some of the pages I use the most:

    Crafting Recipes - Click HERE
    Melee Weapons - Click HERE
    Firearms - Click HERE

    Thank you for reading! :D

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  4. This helped me out considerably when getting to survival in the game, thank you for this great guide.
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    Fuel Resource section helped me a lot,thanks :D
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    I think it's because this tutorial, it looks professional(i guess). Although i've seen better guides on Steam guides, i still like this one.

    To OP: Hopefully you can cover all things that new people need to learn in the future!
    Note: Being a new member with only a few post that doesn't mean he was inexperienced. If he post something that helps a lot of people he may deserve get that rank. :) (but i think "Expert" feels quite a bit too high)
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