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[ENG]Can you survive|Kits|Feast|TPA|Shop|Vault|mindbdsm

Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by mindbdsm, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. mindbdsm

    mindbdsm Rookie+


    Hey there,

    we are friendly and growing community bringing new updates and custom stuff on daily basis. We have active and friendly admins and mods that do not abuse because we do have additional admin check measures.
    With us you can play PvE, PvP or even Arena.

    Here is a list of stuff we offer:
    -Vault - you can store your items safely, they are stored in SQL and can only be accessed by you and you will never lose them
    -Kits - lumberjack, hunter, hero, bandit
    -TPA - enabled for all players so you can reach your friends faster
    -Hero&Bandit - choose the side and get extra kit, skills lock on death (you won't lose them) and bonus experience for killing zombies or players
    -Shop - most of items are added in ingame shop (some removed due to spam and some so we force players to go loot around)
    -Feast - happens every 20 minutes on different location
    -Death messages - cool and detailed custom death messages, you can see what weapon, distance and even which body part, or what vehicle and how fast
    -Pay - get payments by time you play on our server, you get Kittens (yes that's currency on our servers) every 20 minutes
    -Zombie rewards - kills zombies to get Kittens and kill mega zombies for even bigger reward (hero group on PvP gets xp bonus)
    -Restart announce - custom server restart announces every hour and 30, 15, 5, 1 minutes before restart, you can even check how long server is up by using command "/uptime" (/up)
    -Vote rewards - Vote for us on daily basis and get one of the kits(Ghillie,Soldier or Police), special rewards for top voters of the month for each server
    -Time tracking - you can check how much time you spent on our servers
    -Arena rewards - if you play on arena you get Kittens reward for winning
    -Combat logging - for bad players that avoid fights on PvP
    -Anti Grief - on our PvE all your things are protected so you don't have to worry about losing your base, on PvP reduced damage so your base is much stronger than usual but still raidable
    and few other things, lots of new things in planing too and adding on daily basis

    If you wish to support us there are few different membership options, currency bonuses or vault upgrades - shop.mindbdsm.com
    Check our website here - www.mindbdsm.com
    Or join us on Discord to hang out with us - Mindbdsm Comms (We have music bot ;) )
  2. mindbdsm

    mindbdsm Rookie+

    We've added a Team Deathmatch server. Keep in mind it's still in testing mode and we are fixing bugs as we find them. There are some issues that we can't fix since the core game doesn't support it or can't handle it.

    Some pictures:

    A short description:

    Fully automated?
    There is group system that works without steam groups, no join connect/disconnect/reconnect stuff needed. Just join and pick a side with command and you'll have a team and no friendly fire.
    Round system, each round lasts until you reach X score (300 at the moment), you get 10 for kill and 20 extra for headshot, and when one team reaches that the round will reset everything back to start and new round begins.

    Spawn area
    When you join for the first time you have to pick a side, each new join will directly spawn you in the base of team you picked. To switch the role use "/switch role" or for team "/switch team"

    Example: "/join allies" or "/join axis"

    Roles / classes
    After you pick a team you have to pick a role, for now there are 5 and each has it's own loadout and bonus skills. You can change a role once every 60 seconds with "/switch role"

    Example: "/join sniper" "/join medic" "/join gunner" "/join assault" "/join demo"

    Base system
    Each base starts with few vehicles, 2 tanks, jeep, humvee, ural and heli. Axis have desert and allies have forest uniforms and vehicles. On each round fresh vehicles spawn. There are additional vehicles around the map, Airfield and Industries.

    Team/role change
    You can change team or role every 60 seconds.
    To change role write "/switch role"
    To change tema write "/switch team"

    In case you get stuck use "/switch role" to get unstuck or reconnect to server - working on fixing that too. :)
    I'm also working on auto team balance and no team switch if other team is close to victory.
    Lots of update in upcoming days so stay tuned and join us in the axis/allies war!

    Team Deathmatch - [ENG]TeamDeathmatch|Teams|Vehicles|Kits|mindbdsm
  3. mindbdsm

    mindbdsm Rookie+

    We've added PvP Hawaii and you can join by searching for [ENG]Can you survive|Kits|Feast|TPA|Shop|mindbdsm2

    Hawaii lovers already rushed over to take best places on the beaches so hurry up to find your place but you might have to wait from time to time to get a slot ;)
  4. PotatoLord

    PotatoLord Survivor++

    Of course you can survive you get kits, tpa, shop, vault, and other things to help out the whiny kids

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