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Essentials Kit Permission help needed

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Valadrix, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Valadrix

    Valadrix N00b

    So only admins can select kits on my server, players can do /kits to view but dont seem to have permission to actually get it... What have i done wrong? Please help and reply in this format? So can paste straight in? Just copy my words and edit it if you can.
    <Permission Cooldown="0">p</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">compass</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">rocket</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.keepskill.all.</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="45">essentials.command.home</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.kits</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.kit.Starter</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.kit.Survivor</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.kit.Starter</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.kit.Survivor</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="45">essentials.command.tpa</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.tpa.send</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.tpa.cancel</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.tpa.accept</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.command.tpa.deny</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">essentials.home</Permission>

    These are mine so far, why do kits not work? if you can help me that would be so great!
  2. HazzaHEM

    HazzaHEM N00b

    Hi, This is not what I did, what I would usually do is

    <Permission Cooldown="0">p</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">compass</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">rocket</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="45">home</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">kits</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">kit Starter</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">kit Survivor</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="45">tpa.*</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">tpa accept</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">tpa abort</Permission>
    <Permission Cooldown="0">tpa deny</Permission>

    That is exactly what I would have done, I host a server and this is similar to what my permission file looks like.

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