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FadeUnturned Factions - Custom Plugin (JOIN NOW!)

Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by nothawaii, Dec 31, 2016.

What should be added next to Factions?

  1. Faction Tags in your name ex. nothawaii [BLUE]

  2. /Sethome <name> - Sets a home where your character is standing.

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  1. nothawaii

    nothawaii N00b

    Hello Unturned Community,

    After coming from Minecraft to Unturned, I was stunned that there hasn't been a Minecraft Factions re-creation yet. So, I decided, before anyone else does, I need to! My developer and I have worked tirelessly on this project, and It is still in beta, I am really happy with the outcome so far, but we still have many things to add! Here are the features and information we have so far:

    FadeUnturned’s custom Faction’s commands:
    /f create (faction name) – Creates a Faction with the inputted name.
    /f invite (player) – Invites a player to your faction.
    /f invite accept (name) – Accepts an invite sent by the Faction owner.
    /f kick (name) – Kicks the inputted player name from your faction.
    /f disband – Deletes your faction.
    /f leave – Leaves the faction you’re currently in.
    /f claim (radius) – Claims a radius that you want protected in your base.
    /f power – Lists your faction’s power.
    /f power (faction name) – Lists another Factions power.
    /spawn – Teleports your character to spawn.
    /kits – Lists all current kits that you have permission to
    /kit (name) – Selects a kit with the targetted name.
    /pay (player) (amount) – Pays the targetted player the amount inputted.
    /balance – Lists your current balance from the database.
    /buy (id) (amount) Purchases the inputted item from the shop.

    FadeUntuned’s Faction plugin is private, and won’t be released to the public. This plugin was coded by CryTheSly and the rights are owned by nothawaii.

    The Faction power system works by killing players, if you have a claim, and power up, your base will get stronger, causing it to be harder to raid.

    The connection information is: play.fadeunturned.com:27007.

    If you have any questions / concerns, please feel free to notify me!

    Much love,

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