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    IP: russialtjpvp.ddns.net
    Port: 27015
    Map: Russia

    Welcome to our server [FR/EN] Russia-LTJPvP
    Our server is a dedicated server, run in the map Russia, in easy mod, it's a PvP server, with both perspective (third and first person view) and a 24h/24h 7d/7d.
    We have a teamspeak 3 server at this adress : era.ts3joke.eu:22068

    Why LTJ ? Because we are friends to mount this server, Louis (admin), Théo (me, general admin) and Jérémie (moderator)

    Check our website : http://russialtjpvpfr.cmwph.fr/
    Our twitter : https://twitter.com/Russia_LTJPvP

    Features :

    TPA (not working now, search for a solution)
    Kits (contact admin to receive your new player kit)
    24h/24h - 7d/7d
    Hosted in France
    New feature will add in the future, if you have any idea for a new feature, contact us in the teamspeak (in priority) or at mail : theoxgaming62@gmail.com
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