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Got banned for no reson

Discussion in 'Server & Game Support' started by Donovan2__2, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Donovan2__2

    Donovan2__2 N00b

    Hi. My name is Donovan and i was banned from unturned on my account.
    There was no reason for my ban.

    What happened when i got banned was me and my friends where playing on a vanilla server and we raided someone and then we went to find loot and i got banned randomley. So it would be nice if someone can help me.

    Oh and i got banned on my 1st account for someone else had the same phone number and they hacked on csgo so i got banned on that then i played unturned and got banned on that please help me.
  2. MiniMuleNZ

    MiniMuleNZ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Donovan,

    If you read the banner at the top of every forum page, it notes that this is an unofficial community, we don't have control over this.
    If someone banned you from their server, or your account was VAC banned, there is nothing we at Unturned-Forum can do about it.


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