How to access core game files?

Discussion in 'Question / Documentation' started by IGClusterFuck, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to create a mod for Unturned but for that I need to access the core game files.
    To make it clear I'm not trying to add models to the game but I'd like to rework the pathfinding system, adjust the size of a custom map(i want a bigger map than what's possible with the editor) and i would like to make a custom map editor too. Ps: I have some experience with unity and programming as a whole Ijust dont know what files I should be looking for and how to edit them
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    Well im no expert but you could find a unity decompiler or use ILSpy to see the code decompiled then theoretically use a hex editor to to change the "machine" code then recompile it but that would take you forever if its is possible of cause
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    Hi guys,

    I must have missed this thread when it was first posted.
    Most mods are made using the Rocket API - the developer has gone to great lengths to access the 'core game files' that you might want to access.
    The files used by Unturned 3.X are obfuscated: they are not human readable, and the obfuscator used on them, does not have a deobfuscator yet.

    If that doesn't deter you, many of our developers in the past (myself included) have used .NET Reflector from Red Gate Software, paired with its addon ReflexIL. This allows you to modify the MSIL code in the game assemblies, but that is hard enough to read on its own, let alone when it is obfuscated.

    I wish you all luck


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