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How To: Bug Report (Updated for 3.X)

Discussion in 'Server & Game Support' started by MiniMuleNZ, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. MiniMuleNZ

    MiniMuleNZ Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    This guide will show you how to create a "proper" bug report for issues with Unturned.

    1. Explain the noticeable issue - do you get errors in the chat log? does something not load?
    2. Tell us which mod is causing the issue (if known) - This helps us to delegate the work to the right developer if something needs to be changed in the code
    3. Tell us what other mods you are using - It is unlikely at this point in time that plugins would cause conflict, but it can help us figure out the real problem in some cases
    4. Include your "output_log" - this contains vital stacktrace information of any errors that occur within Unturned including the name of the plugin and the exact function that caused the error. It is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Unturned\Unturned_Data\output_log.txt" on default installations.
    5. Include any logs generated by plugins or the loader - if a plugin failed to load correctly, this is the file that will contain the error in question.
    6. Plugin specific configuration - if the plugin has a settings file, upload that too. A mistake in the config can cause a plugin to misbehave and this can help a developer figure out what is wrong very quickly
    7. Tag a developer - Use the "@" symbol followed by a username to tag someone as this gets our attention. If you are unsure of who to tag, you can always just tag me and I will try and find the correct developer to tag for you.
    1. Start your thread title with a version number in square brackets if it applies directly to the game (e.g. "[2.2.5]" or "[3.X]" or "[]" - whichever is most convenient).
      If it is something else, try and relate it to a common category so you can attract people who know things about your issue (e.g. "[Port Forwarding]", "[Rocket]")
    2. Describe the problem very briefly in the title - Key words only
    3. Try to space the elements out a little - if you send me a wall of text, I will ignore it. Even if you just put each part from above on a new line, it will be so much easier to read.
    4. No super big fonts, random colors, or [code] tags in the heading post - include any files as attachments so that it stays tidy.
    5. Cleaning up - When your issue has been solved, let me know. If I'm in the thread already, just ask me to close it and I will mark it as resolved, otherwise tag me as above.

    With a little cooperation, we can make it easier to answer all of your questions

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    Usefull, stickied.
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