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How to Make a Car Base.

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Will A, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. Will A

    Will A N00b++

    In order to make a car base, you'll need a car. It doesn't matter which car, as long as it has a lot of fuel to start with. You're also going to need fuel, because most cars spawn with 11-18% gas.
    What you're going to need (In order):

    1. 3+ Fuel.
    Fuel is your most important, because without fuel, your car will break down fast.
    2. 2+ Barbed Wire.
    Have you ever gotten stuck, and there are zombies all around you, then your car starts smoking, then sets on fire? Well, if you have 1+ Barbed Wire on the rear and front end of the car, you'll instantly kill any of the zombies behind you. If you have 2+ on rear and front, it's better. Don't put any Barbed Wire on your car door or next to it, because when you exit that'll kill you.
    3. 2+ Planters
    In order to get food, you'll want to turn all your vegetables into seeds, then plant them in a planter. Place 2 planters on the side of you car. If you run out of room on your sides to put planters, don't put them on the back. If you put them on the back, you could run into the barbed wire. If your run out of room, put them on your roof, but not either on your hood. If you put them on your hood, it'll block your vision.
    4. Sandbags
    You don't need them very much, but if you want more surface area to kill zombies with, sandbags are probably your best choice.
    5. Carjack
    If your car flips over, you need a carjack to keep it running again. You can find them at Mechanic Shops.
    6. Fertilizer
    You don't need it very much, seeing as traveling takes a lot of time. Although, if you do have ropes, they don't have many uses, so it'd be helpful if you turned the ropes into fertilizer.
  2. Will A

    Will A N00b++

    1. Most cars spawn with 10-22%,
    2. You'll probably need 4+ Fuel.
  3. robertqin

    robertqin N00b

    I have had a car base and then it disappeared, with all my items lost. I think it despawned.

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