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How to make custom crafting recipe for items already in game ?

Discussion in 'Question / Documentation' started by AndrewSvK, Dec 15, 2015.

How to make custom recipe and then publish it in workshop and how to put the workshop ver. on server

  1. I don't know.

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  2. See this tutorial that you have missed: (link)

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  3. Change something in the script.

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  1. AndrewSvK

    AndrewSvK N00b

    Hello. At first I want to apologyse for my bad English skills.
    So I tried to make custom crafting recipe for civilian ammo box, I edited Civilian_40.dat and it looks like this:

    Type Supply
    ID 44

    Size_X 2
    Size_Y 2
    Size_Z 0.45

    Amount 40
    Count_Min 10
    Count_Max 30

    Blueprints 2
    Blueprint_0_Type Ammo
    Blueprint_0_Supplies 1
    Blueprint_0_Supply_0_ID 44
    Blueprint_0_Build 30
    Blueprint_1_Type Tool
    Blueprint_1_Supplies 1
    Blueprint_1_Supply_0_ID 67
    Blueprint_1_Supply_0_Amount 3
    Blueprint_1_Products 1
    Blueprint_1_Build 27

    It should costs 3 scrap metal for one box and the same thing I did for other two types of ammo boxes and two types of shotgun shells using nails. But It doesnt work, I havent tried it post It directly in game files but I tried to publish It in workshop and It looked like this:
    ammocraftingmod -> Bundles -> Items -> "Magazines" and "Supplies"
    in the supplies i copied and edited (you can see the script up here) Civilian_40.dat, Ranger_40.dat and Military_40.dat
    and in the magazines i did the same thing with shotgun shells.
    So I uploaded ammocraftingmod folder with picture in the workshop but when I tried It in singleplayer It did not work.
    So please can anybody tell me how to make theese recipes work on workshop and then put the workshop mod in my private server ? Thank you very much Im new at this I tried to find tutorials for custom recipes but didnt find any.
    Also "Blueprint_1_Build 27" = Thats the only thing I dont understand. I copied It from another Item recipe. What does the command and number 27 stands for ? Maybe thats the problem.

    Maybe It will be easier for you when you download that mod for yourself and see what is wrong:

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