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How To Port Forward.

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by DastardlyDan!, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. DastardlyDan!

    DastardlyDan! N00b

    What is Port Forwarding?
    Also called "port mapping," port forwarding is directing traffic from the outside world to the appropriate server inside a local TCP/IP network. Internet services are identified by a standard port number.

    What does Port Forwarding do?
    Port Forwarding allows you to open up your servers to other routers, letting people connect from other places.

    How to Port Forward
    For this tutorial I am using an xfinity account, but it should be relatively the same for your router if it's different.

    1. Go to your router domain.

    This is what should show up.

    - The default login should be (Username : admin) (Password : password) If this is different for you please contact someone who may know. (Internet Sharing-Partners - Hosting Company)

    2. Locate the Port Forwarding tab.
    - Mine is under "Advanced" and it may say Port Forwarding, Port Mapping, etc. Port Triggering is different, do not use this.

    This is what your screen shout somewhat look like.

    3. Adding your Port.
    - Add a Service. (aka Port)

    Only put the Other Service as Unturned (or something you will remember) and the ports as 25444.

    If the IP is empty, go to your Network Settings and locate your IP, once found enter it in the designated area. Then add the service.


    Now to give people an IP to connect to just google "What's my IP" and that is the IP to give your friends!


    Hope this helped, if I missed something or you have questions please comment or PM me here on the forums!
  2. Twinkie

    Twinkie Moderator

    most routers vary greatly. For example, 96% of Belkin routers have only a password field which is left blank, same with Motorola. Also on my router, there is an area called "Virtual Servers" which is where I can set up port forwarding on a private ip. The private ip is what your computer uses to connect to your router. If they do not know this, it will NOT work unless they get lucky and it is by chance their private up. Also, the way to get to your server could be many different things. It could be http://router, your private ip, or localhost. It all should be listed in your router instruction manual. And If this is different for you please contact someone who may know. (Internet Sharing-Partners - Hosting Company). Your ISP would probably not know what the login information is, unless your provider also is integrated into your router, which would mean that the settings are stored on the internet. Port Forwarding can be risky, and some people prefer to just use a third party application that the clients must also be using as well. I would recommend visiting http://portforward.com/ for guides on almost every router. Most companies have similar firmware between their routers. Hope I helped a little.
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  3. Jalvaro

    Jalvaro N00b

    Why is port forwading risky? I wanted to make a server to mess around and make videos but now that i hear its risky i dunno what to do

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