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Bandit Clan Looking for A Group Of Mature Players To Play With

Discussion in 'Looking For' started by JarredTheGreat, May 17, 2016.

  1. JarredTheGreat

    JarredTheGreat N00b

    Hey guys, im 19, living in the USA.. my timezone is Central.

    basicly ive been playing unturned a lot, 192 hours a lot lol... and i started realizing that the game truly is better with teammates! you can do fair if your solo, but if you've got a buddy to back you up.. it can be the difference between life and death. if anyone is interested, or has a clan, or is in one... please do pm me on here. the clan can be bandit oriented or anything really... i just prefer the clan to be more like 16+ because i do like playing with mature people :D thanks for your time!
  2. WolfLeader

    WolfLeader N00b+

    Well I have a clan and im starting a YouTube channel your welcome to join it if you'd like! Im a veteran since late 2.0 and i have 604 hours currently. Now although my clan isn't 16+ its 12+ but I do make sure all our members are mature so if you would like to join just reply back with an answer or friend me on steam my name is 21FarmBoy | UAM Leader and ill accept your friend request.
  3. Jockopuz

    Jockopuz N00b

    I'm looking for a group as well but I'm willing to play with you now I'm 16 and I have a fair share of hours on unturned if you want go ahead and add me my steam name is Jockopuz
  4. KcMigee

    KcMigee N00b

    16 have almost 200 hrs in unturned my steam is kcmigee
    also from U.S and I have a mic
  5. Daggar97

    Daggar97 N00b

    I've played 160 hrs on unturned and have the same problem as you. I need more friends to play with.
    IGN: Daggar97 (same for steam)
    Mic / Skype: yes
    Would love to join
  6. SurvivorZ

    SurvivorZ N00b

    Hey man, almost 21 love playing unturned but have gotten bored playing by myself. Would like to keep playing but can't really convince myself without someone to survive with. Let me know.

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