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Looking for Staff Looking for Staff !! (4 Vacancies)

Discussion in 'Looking For' started by JoJoWorld, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. JoJoWorld

    JoJoWorld N00b

    Hello, I am JoJo or Joseph (whichever is more to your liking). I am currently looking for dedicated, professional, honest and decent individuals that would be willing to help manage my server that I am opening very soon.

    The Server:
    - Name: Unturned Realism
    - Summary: It will feature various functions found among other servers, which work to make servers attractive. It will primarily PVP-focal however, there will be roleplay (semi); just make things seem realistic, nothing wonky or over-the-board crazy. At the end of the day, the main goal is for players to enjoy themselves (this should be the aim of all staff). Once I've picked my applicants and processed them I will further explain meticulously. I want to create this server with suggestions and attributions from the staff cabinet; ensuring quality performance.

    Staff Positions:
    - Administrator: (Me)
    - RP Moderator: (3x Vacancies) (Will moderate server & ensure highest quality game-play.)
    - Event Manager: (1x Vacancy) (Will ensure that there are ample events and the server continues to satisfy players, preferably for creative individuals; EM's also hold the same power as RP Mods.)

    Note: After a 2 week trial period, your position will be finalized; however until then you will be on a probationary period. After 1 - 2 months of service, each staff member will have a chance at becoming the Head Moderator.

    The Application: [Reply Using This Format]
    - Name: (In-game)
    - Position Applying For: (RP Moderator or Event Manager)
    - Schedule: (How many days out of the week can you be on?)
    - Timezone: (To determine your "shift")
    - Are You Capable Of Working On A Team: (Yes or no; please explain)
    - Any Coding Knowledge: (yes or no; please explain)
    - Previous Experience: (Have you been on another server's staff, if so; list them)
    - Experience: (How long have you been playing Unturned)
    - Preferred Communication (Skype, Steam Chat, etc | Do you have a microphone?)
    - Knowledgeable with Commands & IDs: (yes or no; please explain)
    - Why Are You A Qualified Candidate: (None of that sappy stuff, be 100% honest. The better you write here, the more likely you are to be chosen.)
  2. TheBoyThijs

    TheBoyThijs N00b

  3. jayden johnson

    jayden johnson N00b

    hi my name is jayden johnson/that is my ingame name.
    i would like to become a RP Moderator.

    i can be on any day you need me to be on.
    im in nz time.UTC+12:00
    yes i can work in a team.
    no i cant code.
    i have been staff on 1 server that is now shutdown
    servername:jackams server on pei
    i have 455h on unterned.
    i have a mic and my preferred communication is skype

    yes i know all the comands.
    /give id/ammount
    /tp or /teleport player/place

    and the comands go on.
    i an Qualified because i have been admin on other servers i am honest

    i will do what i have to when i have to.
    i have over 400h on unterned.

  4. Bob Borker

    Bob Borker N00b

    - Name: Crying Child
    - Position Applying For: RP moderator

    - Schedule: 5-7 days
    - Timezone: EST and i usually get on at 5:00
    - Are You Capable Of Working On A Team: Yes I am I am not toxic or rude
    - Any Coding Knowledge: Yes I have but alot on MonoDev
    - Previous Experience: No
    - Experience: 31hours
    - Preferred Communication anything other than skype ... personal resons
    - Knowledgeable with Commands & IDs: Commands yes but no really ids
    - Why Are You A Qualified Candidate: I work well with team members and I am on alot. I would love to help people and ban hackers (which I have most hatred to). I will be honstest not rageban or abuse this position
  5. Annie

    Annie N00b

    The Application:
    - Name:
    - Position Applying For: RP Moderator
    - Schedule: Depends on my work but around 5 i guess.
    - Timezone: GTM+1
    - Are You Capable Of Working On A Team: Yes, i can work on a Team and i like it a lot. I always try to communicate a lot so there can't be misunderstandings. I think its really important to have a good communication in a team.
    - Any Coding Knowledge: No, i never had to and i'm not rly good with stuff like coding.
    - Previous Experience: I own an Unturned Server (UNDERTAKERS)with a friend i'm doing stuff like communicate with players, events and so on, he does the coding and technic stuff. But we have a good team now, so there is not much to do for me. I played on some RP servers (never was mod there) but i can imagine what to do, i talked a lot with admins there.
    - Experience: Around 1200 hours.
    - Preferred Communication I have a microphone, i usually use Teamspeak, but i also have skype (don't really like using it)
    - Knowledgeable with Commands & IDs: Yes i have knowledge about it, i need it since i own a server.
    - Why Are You A Qualified Candidate: I played on a RP server a lot and first i wanted to start playing there again, but at the moment i have a lot of fun with the role of an admin. I would be really happy if i could help you with the server, it seems fun. I have knowledge about Unturned, Commands and IDs and i'm pretty mature since i am 20 years old woman. I always wanted to start a RP server for UNDERTAKERS but it seems to be not that easy. So it would be great getting the chance to help out on another server.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2017
  6. Edged Evil

    Edged Evil N00b

    - Name: Edged Evil / Edgedevil
    - Position Applying For: Event manager
    - Schedule: 2-3 depending on my schedule. 1-0 if i have exams
    - Timezone: GMT +1
    - Are You Capable Of Working On A Team: Yes, but i have difficulties communicating my ideas. I'll work fine with other RP mods, but I'll have a few problems explaining my ideas to other EMs.
    - Any Coding Knowledge: I dabled in unturned servers for quite some time, though i hung up now.
    - Previous Experience: I have been staff on my own dedicated servers and a few now shut down servers. I'm a old unturned player ( since mapleaf exclusive beta)
    - Experience: as said before, since Mapleaf and even before that. (RN i have 1000 hours in game (actually 996 but yeah, you get it)
    - Preferred Communication: Ig, i prefer chat, though i have a very high qual mic ( i do music) at the ready for TS / Skype. my order goes 1.chat 2. skype 3.TS
    - Knowledgeable with Commands & IDs: Yes, I've played a lot with commands considering i've been making unturned servers wince rocketmod exists.
    - Why Are You A Qualified Candidate: Because i have experience and imagination. I love making loot events and stuff, it's really the kind of stuff I enjoy, because the game makes me kinda bored when i just play. Experience because of my play time ( 1000 hours) and how long I've been playing the game.

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