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[Myriad Gaming] DayZ like server!

Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by Ikatzuki, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Ikatzuki

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    Welcome to Myriad gaming! A series of Unturned and other game servers! (only 1 atm.)

    Website/forum: LINK

    Yes we are looking for admin/moderators for in game and forums. Please create a post in the introduction section on the forums and tell me why YOU should be a part of the team! :)

    What is Unturned-DayZ?

    Unturned-DayZ is a DayZ replicated server. You loot normally like in PVE Unturned. However there's a few different things here.

    Trader cities and buying items.

    Trading with the /buy /sell plugin can ONLY be done inside one of the 2 located trader zones that is marked on the map. Buying and selling stuff is done with the /buy and /sell command followed by the item ID.


    To start a base you NEED a claim flag. This means that you CAN NOT build without one. You can obtain one by either crafting it like normal or buying one in one of the 2 trader cities located on the map. After you have placed down your claim flag you can build within 32 meters of the flag. In order for the flag to stay there you have to "maintain" the flag at the nearest trader zone ONCE a week for a certain amount of price (undecided amount.) Why did I choose to make it like this? To give players more of a purpose to actually play the game and have a goal while playing on the server. Also give a bit more of a reason to get out of your base to earn some money to maintain the base!

    Features on the server:

    • Custom plugins
    • Custom map
    • Trader city zones (marked on map)
    • Missions (marked on map)
    • Active admins

    Current state of server and how to play?

    At the moment the server is LOCKED and only playable by players who goes onto our forums: Here and put a post in the "introductions" forum. You don't have to write much but just a nice little introduction is enough! I'll then reply with a greetings and give you info on how to join the server! The reason its locked at the moment is because the server actually isn't 100% set up yet. Think of the server like a "beta" version at the moment!


    The server is NOT 100% done which means that ANYTHING on the server MIGHT be changed and the map MIGHT get reset at some times if needed. Of course i will try to refund some money to players so you can rebuild if this happens.

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Ikatzuki

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    Marked for future updates etc.

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