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New Plugins for my server Willing to pay

Discussion in 'Mods / Tools' started by zaimibiz, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. zaimibiz

    zaimibiz N00b


    sorry for my english

    anyone can help me with plugins?

    i want setup

    kit survival
    kit ammo
    kit food

    also i want
    tpa activate
    zombies spawn faster

    drop you steam id down here or skype
  2. zaimibiz

    zaimibiz N00b

    also want add drop rate 2x
    and gps being include

    please help me
  3. mindbdsm

    mindbdsm Rookie+

    zombies spawn faster - you can do that in Config.json
    "Respawn_Day_Time": 360.0,
    "Respawn_Night_Time": 30.0,
    Change this to your desired value

    TPA and Kits you need plugins for that, do you have already have them? If not go here and download rocket and the plugins. https://rocketmod.net/ The plugins generate config files where you can configure what you want, kits you want and cooldowns.
    After you do that add commands in permissions file.

    To spawn with GPS you can use loadout, in your Server folder In commands.dat add line "loadout 1176" (without quotations)

    Drop rate x2?

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