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Official General Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by ThornyMacaroon, Jul 20, 2014.

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  1. ThornyMacaroon

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    - Community Behaviour -
    • There's only one main language in this Community and that is English. This will be reason for a ban if ignored multiple times.
    • Owning multiple accounts (to avoid getting banned or something similar) that hasn't been allowed by High Rank Staff (Administrators) is completely forbidden and will get you banned.
    • The use of bad language in this forum is strictly forbidden and will be punished with a permanent account ban or less depending of the severity. Remember that this is a Community where under age users are joining most of the time and this language may be not allowed by their parents (we must respect their decisions).
    • Images of naked persons in signatures, avatars, threads/posts, shoutbox or profiles are strictly forbbiden, avoiding this rule will result in your account permanently banned from the forum.
    - Posting (Threads/Messages) -
    • Posting sarcastic comments or anything that can be mistaken for "trolling" will be removed and depending on the severity there will be more or less points to punish an active account. Think before you post or you might end up banned.
    • Derailing threads is forbidden and will be punished with warning points (2 Points).
    • Double posting is against the rules, if you forgot to add something you can use the EDIT button on the post. This is made to prevent the creation of duplicated threads with the same content or related content (by the same user).
    • Reviving threads older than 1 month or more, will end up on the comment being removed and the user warned without warning points. Applies as well as thread bumping ! ! !
    • Including external links to sites not partnered with http://Unturned-Forum.com is punishable with 5 Warning points or a permanent ban if the user continuously ignores the rule (doesn't apply to Community Servers or Clans Forum sections).
    - Resources Manager -
    • Developers are responsible of their resources as well as displaying the usage information (for server hosters)
    • Resources with external links (with or without Adf.ly) are prohibited and will be removed from the Resource Manager without warning.
    • Uploads of hacking related resources are strictly forbidden and will be punished with a permanent ban.
    • Resources should contain basic Information such as: preview images, installation instructions and description.
    • This community doesn't allow paid mods, uploading them will get them removed from public view without warning.
    • Make sure you select the right category before you upload your resource to the Resource Manager.
    • MUST: All resources must provide a public source code link (you can send it to an Administrator if you don't want it to be completely public). This will help analyzing and comparing what the mods contain on both versions (source code and uploaded files).
    - Shoutbox Behaviour -
    • Do not curse or use bad words in the chat.
    • You MUST respect all the users currently connected to the shoutbox.
    • Do NOT post links on the shoubox unless you're allowed to. (ask before posting)
    • Any type of advertisement is prohibited on the shoutbox, such as: community advertising, referral links to sites like G2A, etc
    • Do NOT share links to screamers, porn sites, etc. You will get banned from the shoutbox.
    • You might use the shoutbox for short support questions (only short ones), if your question needs more explanation you must create a support thread and wait for someone to help you out. We don't want to have walls of text in the shoutbox.

      http://Unturned-Forum.com reserves the rights to update the General Rules if needed (Except for legal matters) in the future.
      It's entirely your responsibility to check for changes/updates.
  2. ThornyMacaroon

    ThornyMacaroon Rookie+

    Please take your time to read these rules carefully.
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