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Please Read Before Making Suggestions

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions' started by Ev1dentFir3, Nov 30, 2014.

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  1. Ev1dentFir3

    Ev1dentFir3 Head Moderator Contributor

    This sub-forum is for anyone who has great ideas, about making this forum and community better, to share them.

    You can create a thread about your idea(s) and even create a poll to see what other users like it too!

    But before you post here are some basic Do's and Dont's.

    "Do" make sure that your idea is beneficial to the forum, and can be completely And easily understood. Any half though suggestions will be deleted.
    "Do" make sure it is related to a forum feature, any Unturned game suggestions go in another sub-forum, here ---->Game Suggestions <----
    "Dont" complain about a feature you don't like, instead give constructive ideas and suggestions to make it better.
    "Dont" complain about forum staff in a forum post, any issues with staff can be handled privately by messaging @Sanity @Good Meme "That Guy" @ThornyMacaroon, and @A7OM!CAS7.

    We want to continue to make this community the best Untirned community there is, and its because of loyal members that we are and will remain Number 1! We are always listening to the ideas of our members. Thank you for those who contribute your suggestions and care about our success!
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