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Plugin/Mod Ideas;[Safezones][Storyline][NoKos][Bending?][Claiming]

Discussion in 'Request / Suggestion' started by Sawyer, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Sawyer

    Sawyer N00b

    Before i start listing ideas just know that i spent alot of time trying to learn lua just so i could code these myself, however obviously that didnt work out. Anyways i think that the following plugins for servers would be very popular among other servers and be greatly appreciated by me.

    Must i clarify? A pretty simple idea, making a certain x,y,z axis non killable, However there would be some exceptions. For example anyone who was shot or bleeding and ran into the safezone would keep bleeding, same for dying of thirst hunger or poison. The overall purpose of this is pretty obvious, i want to have an area where people can trade and overall just survive without having to worry about dying so easily. In my opinion i think the way to set these coordinates would with possibly an axe (Kind of like the minecraft World edit plugin) and only administrators can set these points.

    For roleplay servers its hard for owners to give people a reason to roleplay. I thought it would be nice if there was a plugin where at the beginning it gave you the storyline through possibly a text on the screen, And this is just a base idea. If developers are interested they can go further into customizing who the players character is by giving them choices Ex;(Bandit, Survivor, Hero) and when they choose that class or story their reputation is changed.

    This is a tough one, that might take a few people to develop. But in a nutshell, the server saves certain damage actions, For example: (Player) hit (Player) with an axe and did 40hp, or (Player) shot (Player) with a colt and did 25 hp). This is just an example, making it easier for server owners to determine who started the fight or whatever (If it is a no KOS server)

    The reason i put a question mark at the end is because its a bit of a stretch. I remember owning a minecraft server and a plugin allowed you to bend the elements like the show Avatar the last airbender, Anyways i know it would probably take an entire team to develop this (Or maybe not, what do i know?) but if someone possibly knew how to do this, i think it would be pretty amazing. For more information look up Minecraft bending plugin.

    Lastly a system where users can claim a certain point (With an admins permission) so that the person could set up a shop or an house. In this claiming area chests owned by that player cannot be opened, nor can someone do damage to that persons house.

    Thanks to anyone who wants to atleast try developing one of these, Much appreciated!
  2. MasterCreate66

    MasterCreate66 N00b

    I will look into making some of these for Rocket (the bukkit alternative for Unturned) The safe zones are a good idea and so is user claiming things like chests x)

    I don't think the air bending one would be possible without the use of client side mods but it was still a cool idea.
  3. Commander Phill

    Commander Phill Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator


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