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Discussion in 'Request / Suggestion' started by TrueThat, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. TrueThat

    TrueThat N00b

    Dear Unturned Dev Community,

    Soon I will be a opening a Unturned ROLEPLAY server with tons of plugins and customization for the best enjoyment. So I was starting to gather plugin's that I need for the server such as:
    (These are the plugin I will be using) Note: (this isn't a plugin advertisment)
    - Advanced Safezone: A plugin which provides configurable and better safezones for Unturned.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/safezone/

    - Wrecking Ball Revived: Destroy stuff in the server to clear lag.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/wrecking-ball-revived/

    - Item Restrictions: Prevent players from acquiring certain items .
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/item-restrictions/

    - Reputation: Now you know who is friendly.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/reputation/

    - Advanced Death Messages: This plugin allows you to see reports of killings in the global chat.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/advanceddeathmessages/

    - uEssentials: All in one (Unturned Commands & shiz like in minecraft)
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/uessentials/

    - Duty: Get back admin commands without a console.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/duty/

    - ZaupHomeCommand: Teleport to your claimed bed.
    - Get It Here: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/home-command/

    - ZaupFeast: Random Items.
    - Get It Here: /feast

    (If Someone wants to use this plugin list he is free to do so)

    But I was Missing a very important thing in my list and I can't seem to find it anywhere so please help me,
    The Role Plugin:
    (I have seen this before on pandahut.net network roleplay servers)
    The Idea is,
    New Player Are Assigned as quests and cant do anything aside choosing a role (they are also handcuffed and invurble.)

    /roles - can see all the roles you can be builder , mechanic , police officer ETC. (and you can add and modify roles , every role has a unique kit and unique shop permissions such as Example: a police man can buy v.33 wich is a police car but a builder cant buy this car).

    /role [role name] - The command that lets you choose a role.

    thats basiclly it it looks like a simple plugin but im not sure about it since im not a developer yet.

    So please help me find this plugin or try to create one on your own,
    Kind Regards
    TrueThat :)
  2. [PMC]John

    [PMC]John N00b

    Hello TrueThat,

    I have recently found and purchased this roles plugin, It's a little different then most role plugins(command wise) inside the languages you can change the /roles command from the default(/professions) and then every role will give them the matching Rocket Permissions Group. there is currently a hard coded time delay that I've already contacted the developer about, $15.00 USD will get you the plugin and all of it's future updates.

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