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Police handcuffs

Discussion in 'Request / Suggestion' started by General_Arrow, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. General_Arrow

    General_Arrow N00b

    They need to add hand cuffs so people dont kill your instintly, it would also be fun fir roleplaying like cops abd robbers or just to mess around. There should be a key, i havent thought of a way to have the person handcuffed escape. for the makeshift pair you need a knife to cut through the rope. And to handcuff the person they need to be standing still or crouched (some of these ideas came from what i read from other people wanting handcuffs added in) if theres things that would be nice to be added just suggest them (first time posting something sorry if its nit that good)
  2. Would be cool, but isn't possible right now. There is no support for a mod like it. For example, before aircraft was added to Unturned, we could not make aircraft as a mod. Now we can.

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