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Postcard from Hawaii

Discussion in 'Unturned News' started by Nelson Sexton, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Nelson Sexton

    Nelson Sexton Steam RSS Official Bot

    Today I was checking my inbox when I came across this postcard from the community modding team who helped work on the Russia map!


    We're trying something a bit different this time - everything in Hawaii so far has been made by Rain, Spyjack, Mooki2much and Gamez2Much. I'll be involved for the last stretch making sure everything fits the artstyle, but other than that the project is being led by G2M! The plan is for the map to come out once they feel it's ready for community playtesting, and they'll be able to release updates/refinements based on feedback.

    Their team has put together some screenshots and teasers of what they're working on, so if you're okay with a few slight spoilers you can read them here:

    View Full Letter[blog.smartlydressedgames.com]

    If you're working on a similar community project and would like to find more information about getting it considered for an official update check out the guide here:

    Workshop: Official Content

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