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Project Player |FEAST|SHOP|KITS|TPA|48 Slots

Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by Jek Porkins, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Jek Porkins

    Jek Porkins N00b


    Project Player is a corporate backed server brought up officially by Host Havoc Ltd. and built by yours truly. Project Player features a number of outstanding traits including, but not limited to: No donation system (everyone is equal), 24/7 up time, constant maintenance, dedicated hardware and remote hosting, ABSOLUTELY LAG FREE, economy based MySQL table system, top of the class anti-cheat software, kits, FEAST system, dedicated development and administration team, and much more.

    Ignore the other servers who boast they're the bee's knees, with hundreds of nodes around the globe Host Havoc Ltd has the backbone of Project Player.

    Come join us today.

    Kits Include: Starter, xp, and a daily "supporter" kit for voting.

    Map: Russia

    The Economy: It is extremely well rounded and optimized (I'm kind of a freak for these things), I've taken the utmost care in sculpting it out with my team for the last few days of development.

    Hosting: We're provided hosting for free by the leading ARK: Survival Evolved hosting company's CEO & Founder at "Host Havoc Ltd.".

    Administration & Developments: We have years under our belts to know how to take care of communities and developments, you won't see a single admin in-game unless something urgent is happening.

    Donations: A thing of the past, no more buying your way to the top. Everyone's an equal target.
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