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Re-Introduction! (Been a long time)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Little Pixel, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Little Pixel

    Little Pixel Contributor Contributor

    Hello there!

    Now, most of you have no idea who I am because of my current name.
    This is because I changed it a few days ago (On here, I've had this current name for a while) and I know there are some of you who are thinking to yourselves "Who even is this Little Pixel guy?" and that's what I'm here to inform you about!

    I am a one of the older members of the Unturned Forums, and people back in the day use to know me as The Undead Marauder, I use to host game give-aways and chat with people on here, as well as once having the chance to talk with Nelson himself due to him wanting to chat with mappers. Oh yeah! I also use to make maps, but I didn't really release anything special.

    Here is some stuff about me.

    I live in the Faroe Islands.

    Listening to music, such as Metal, remix's, dubstep and so on. (I enjoy almost all forms of music)
    Collecting things that have to do with gaming, such as Collector's Editions, limited Edition stuff or just collectable stuff in games.
    Making pixel art. (Sometimes)

    I currently work with a company called Bakkafrost which is a company that sells salmon across the world. (Or that's at least to my understanding of it)
    But what I do there is just cutting up fish and cleaning it.

    Some other stuff about me!
    I am a gamer like most people on here and I enjoy playing games with friends or random people I meet in games, I also enjoy playing games by myself, but mostly I play games with other people.
    I am a huge Star Wars fan and I will always be one and there is nothing anyone can do to make me hate it!

    I can't really think of anything else at this point, so this will be the end of my introduction.

    Oh yeah! I also made this little banner that you might see on some signatures on the forum.

    Anyways have a wonderful day and farewell!

    -Little Pixel
  2. Commander Phill

    Commander Phill Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome back my Friend, I had wondered what became of you.
  3. Little Pixel

    Little Pixel Contributor Contributor

    I had stopped playing Unturned for quite a while, which caused me to not go on the forum that much, but I'm trying to get back into the game and the same goes for the forum!
  4. mindbdsm

    mindbdsm Rookie+

    Hey welcome back. I see lot of older members are trying to get back here and be more active. I hope we succeed in turning up the activity of this forums. :p

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