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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Red Lightning, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. Red Lightning

    Red Lightning N00b+

    Rank Chosen: Jr. Moderator

    Current Rank: N00b+

    Name: Red Lightning/ Kenneth

    Age: 22

    Email: / / <-- My three main emails.

    Skype: rosier_evlend (Should show up as Kenny)

    Reason: I would like to be able to help the community. Not that I feel like I am currently incapable of doing so at my current standing, but I feel like with moderator status I would be able to do more to help the unturned community.

    Experience: I've never really had the chance to moderate a forum before, it's foreign to me. I have however moderated several teamspeak servers, dealing with unruly patrons... As far as other experience goes I'm currently learning coding (C#, C+, C++) After those I plan on learning Java.
  2. Commander Phill

    Commander Phill Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    this is a decent application, but just as I was told when I applied, get to a higher rank before applying.
  3. AtomiCAST

    AtomiCAST Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks for showing you interest on becoming a Moderator for our community.
    We do requiere applicants to be active on the community before applying for the Moderator Status, this doesn't mean you can't re-apply on the future.

    Thanks again and have a nice day!
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