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RoxServers.com - Unturned hosting since day 1 - Europe & US East Coast

Discussion in 'Server Hosting' started by dimitrifrom31, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. dimitrifrom31

    dimitrifrom31 N00b+

    RoxServers.com is a famous Game Server Provider providing quality hosting services since 2009.
    We became famous being the first European provider offering Minecraft game servers in 2010 and we have been offering Unturned Game servers since day 1.

    Our experience as a GSP and our unrivaled price quality ratio have convinced thousands of gamers. Why not you?

    If you are looking to rent a ready-to-play Unturned game server we got what you need!
    Get your own Unturned game server without any setup effort, available 24/7 without having to let your computer on and with a large bandwidth unlike most personal internet connections for a lag free experience :)

    >> Order Now ! <<

    - Instant setup after payment: your server delivered in minutes!
    - 99,99% guaranteed uptime: your server online 24/7
    - Update your game server in just 1 click when an update is released and when YOU decide
    - Install and update rocket in just 1 click (manual upload is possible but why would you bother? :) )
    - Full FTP and web based file manager to manage your game server files
    - Easy to use game panel to start/stop/edit your server to your liking
    - 100% "open mods". Install steam workshop contents, mods/addons without limitations
    - GroupPay: Share the server fees with friends
    - sub users: create sub accounts for your friends with the permissions you decide to grant them to assist you managing your game server
    - Ddos protection: unlimited/unmetered protection against offenders
    - 24/7 support: our team has never let anyone wait more than 24 hours to get assistance. We usually answer within minutes during day time.
    - 2 locations: North America (East Coast) and Europe (France). We can move your server for free frm one location to the other at any time!
    - 8 to 24 slots (this may vary based on game limitations) starting at only 7.99€/mo
    - 24 hours money back guarantee if you get any issue

    Minimum Hardware specifications:
    - Intel E3-1245v2 @ 3.40-3.80GHz and E3-1270v2@3.50-3.90Ghz
    - Enterprise SSD disks
    - 250Mbps bandwidth
    - 32GB RAM

    Why chose RoxServers.com ?
    With all those server hosts around why would you chose RoxServers.com when everyone is advertising about the same hardware / features?
    - We have been around for years (since 2009 exactly) so you can trust us on the long term and we are of course a legit registered company.
    - We are not only hosting unturned game servers. We are not one of those hosts looking for the opportunity to make quick/easy money on a game then close business few months later because the game is not growing as he expected or because he did not think about growing competition.
    - In 6 years we have NEVER let anyone wait more than 24 hours to receive an answer to a support request. Usually you get one within minutes during day time.
    - As we are a long term host we care about our reputation and customer satisfaction is our #1 objective. That's why we offer a 24 hours money back guarantee should you have a technical issue we are not able to fix. That's a guarantee our servers are reliable.
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  2. Hammereditor

    Hammereditor N00b++

    I want to know what this "since day 1" claim is. I haven't seen any provider called "Rox" enter this game until 3 weeks ago.
  3. dimitrifrom31

    dimitrifrom31 N00b+

    It's "roxservers.com" (the company is registered as such including the dot com) and not "rox".
    We have been offering unturned for more than a year now after one of our users told us the game got released and he wanted a server. We often add games on demand even if they are not famous yet.
    I however started being active on these forums after v3 was officially released and no longer in beta. We also have been offering both versions (2.X and 3.X when it was in beta branch) for few months.

    2 new boxes have been set up to meet the demand, orders have been suspended for a couple of hours only, you can place your orders again now.

    Now offering free mysql database.
    We also add plugins using mysql database for simplified installation in 1 click on demand.
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  4. Dead Ryan

    Dead Ryan N00b

  5. dimitrifrom31

    dimitrifrom31 N00b+

    Thank you for your feedback!

    -- Announcement --

    We are now supporting up to 48 slots. Slots can be upgraded/downgraded at any time without data loss.
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  6. dimitrifrom31

    dimitrifrom31 N00b+

    We are now offering enhanced DDoS protection with real time and permanent (preventive) mitigation option with unlimited attacks / traffic !
    Go check it out on https://www.roxservers.com/link.php?id=8
  7. dimitrifrom31

    dimitrifrom31 N00b+

    Our unturned servers are now set up with latest rocket loader by default. Rocket loader can be updated in 1 click from our game panel at any time.

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