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    Breaking these rules could get you kicked or banned from our Community Servers.
    • Respect Staff Members and Current Users on the Server
    • Only English on Global chat.You can talk any other language on Group, Local or Voice Chat.
    • No racist, pornographic, drug, political, or religious talk in public chat.
    • Do not spam the chat or you will get Kicked (This includes yelling in caps).
    • Do not advertise other servers. It will get you banned.
    • Using Hacks or any 3rd Party Modification that could be Injected to the game is strictly Forbidden.
    • You are responsible for your account security. If your friend, dog, cat, mother, son, cousing, etc. Logs on to your account and gets you banned, it's your fault.
    • If a username violates one of the rules mentioned before, the user will be asked to change it (otherwhise you will be kicked from the server)
    • (PvP) Do not complain about being killed, its Player vs Player deal with it.
    • (PvP) Asking to the admins to give your lost items in case you die, wont get your stuff back.
    • (PvP) Consistent harassment is Forbidden. Harassment is when you repeatedly kill someone over and over or stalk their claims waiting for them to leave.
    • (PvE) Try to not steal stuff, we all enjoy charity between us when playing in a non Player vs Player server.
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