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Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by XionXion847, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. XionXion847

    XionXion847 Rookie+

    Of course, we all love to building! But all we found is tools?!
    Fear not, we have our own ability to "Salvage" that allow us to dismantle tools into materials that we can take.
    For example: Hawkbound have one wood and two scrape metals, some of materials can be use for repairs, building, or prevent from people to find it and use it.

    If you are crossbow/bow user, you will find this kind of ability very useful because all you need is crop the tree and then collect stick from it, while salvage any tools that give you scrape metal as you can craft arrow with scrape metal and stick. Pretty useful? Not only one arrow that will give you because you will get 3x. That will be great to consume your ammo if you are in pinch.

    To advanced your salvage skill, you will able to do mostly with metals because there are lot of stronger building that will come from metals. Better wall that you will not let Immigrant enter (shame) and help you to save your items to store in the locker or have room with vault door. More better if you are bandits and love to tortured people, there are handcuff and prison door ready to craft from metal.

    Happy Killin'

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