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    Good evening, dear Community,

    We (HighlifeRP) is currently working on a Reallife Roleplay mode system.
    this system I would not announce many details here!

    Our team is fully equipped only the Developers are missing.

    What are we searching?
    We are now looking for a professional Scripter who is familiar with Unturned Developing

    Price for our Developers:
    - A safe place in a large and nice community!
    - Admin rights in the Forum as well as on the server.
    - The Developing Team is getting 50% of our revenue, in 1 Month we raised 120€ but we think the fun of cohesion should be senior
    - once $30

    - ts52.nitrado.net:11950
    - @HighlifeRP (Private Messaging)
    - HighlifeRP@hotmail.com

    Best regards,
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