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Some conection problems!

Discussion in 'Server Hosting' started by MacBulle, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. MacBulle

    MacBulle N00b

    First of all.. sorry for my bad english, im from sweden so im that that good but i will try my best.
    I didnt know where to put my post so i hope this is the right thread.
    I had a server, and i have portforwarded and all that stuff you need to do. but since the BE uppdate noone can connect to me. I can connect and i have BE and all that but when they try to connect it just says couldnt connect to the server or something like that.
    Im not at good at codes and stuff so i have 0 fkn idea what to do haha xD
  2. Sh4ggy

    Sh4ggy N00b++

    If you give me the exact error you experiencing, and maybe a screenshot, I will do my best to help you help you.

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