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Spec Ops Assault Unit (SOAU) now recruiting!

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Ranger Echo, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Ranger Echo

    Ranger Echo N00b

    Spec Ops Assault Unit
    SOAU is a military roleplay clan on Unturned! We have many differnt jobs and roles, and we are looking for good military soldiers. If your interested in realistic roleplay, with clan battles, gear, and action, we are for you!

    At SOAU, we use marine ranks to create a sense of structure and command.

    Headhunter Echo
    About: Headhunter Echo founded SOAU, not as an unturned clan, but as a GTA clan. It stuck together from 360, to One, and now to PC. Echo has former leadership skills, military knowledge, and skill.
    Specialties: Sniping, Close Quarters Combat, Medium ranged combat.
    Other names: Ranger Echo, Commander Echo, General Echo, Marksman Echo.

    About: Manny joined SOAU when it switched to Xbox One, and worked his way up. He became second in command, and introduces Echo to Unturned.
    Specialties: Sniping, Medium Range, Explosives, Formations and Tactics Airel Combat.
    Other names: Manny_Muniez, Muniez_Manny1411

    If your interested in joining us, join our server (made by Echo) and head over to our base, or contact us below.

    Server Info:
    Server Name: SOAU Clan Battles! (Military Loadout)
    Map: Washington
    Port: 27015

    Once you have joined, favorite the server, and head to the golf course. Once there, look for the signs.
    (Note: The server is bases on clans. There is alot of bases and battles around the map. Watch out while heading over.)

    The other ways to contact us are below:



    Thank your for your interest in SOAU! Contact us for any problems, or concerns, or to make allainces, Joint Task Forces, or anything else needed!
  2. IIMistyriousII

    IIMistyriousII N00b

    Im a free to play user on steam so i am not eligible in adding friends, but i am extremely interested in joining this clan.
  3. Coolator

    Coolator N00b

    I have gold on unturned, and I am very interested in joining. Is going to the base kos? (my name on here is the same as my ign)
  4. Splodge123

    Splodge123 N00b

    Hey, I am a gold user who is interested in joining a role play military server, but I can't connect, can you help

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