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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by King Willhelm, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. King Willhelm

    King Willhelm N00b

    I don't expect this to work seen as I have the rank n00b, but hey, worth a shot, right?

    * Rank chosen: Jr Moderator.
    * Current rank: n00b
    * Name: Kevin Bostick, Steam - General Diddles of France, IGN - Frankie
    * Age: 16
    Skype: Calicojackprofessionalmurderizer (Forgive the name, it's an old skype given to me as a handmedown, because the skype website doesn't work for me when I try and make an account.)
    * Reason: I wish to support the forum, I've supported many before, and I think I can help. I am purchasing gold soon.
    * Experience: Oh boy, where do I start?
    1) Darkened dawn servers AND forum.. 1.5k active members, forum is now dead and I retired, got fired from servers by the 12 year old co-owner because I proved him wrong.
    2) Spacecraft roleplay by frostjoe, a game not a forum, 50+ active members daily, now dead and I retired.
    3) Robocraft forum during the great mod depression of 2013, quit in 2014 because I was no longer needed and the community gave me cancer in a metaphorical sense. (To put it bluntly.)
    4) I moderate a 50 member group on ROBLOX, if that counts as experience.
    5) Blockland forum for 2 months as an intern. Quit because I didn't like it.
    6) Unturned4gods RP server. Current co-head admin.
    7) Unturned Server on PEI, a very active server owned by "Rhys", got fired for inactivity.

    Note: As you can see, I don't have the best of records, but I have ALOT of experience in the moderation business. I'm also a regular trusted member on the Datarealms forums and the Robocraft forums, as well as the rimworld forums. :)

    It's ok say no to me, I won't be upset. Put it as bluntly as you wish. I am a very calm individual.
  2. Commander Phill

    Commander Phill Forum Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If you wish to be a mod you will need to be a rookie+ or higher in rank.
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