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    Stronger Structures such as walls, doors, chest, etc. Would be really great for PVE servers or Hardcore PVP servers and base building. Rumor has it that only one server on the unturned server list has this so-call mod out. Not sure if it's even possible to make but please feel free for feedback and post your opinions on this.
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    it's a very easy mod to make, and that server you're talking about is what inspired me to learn how to do it. since everyone has a different opinion of what they want structure health to be, here's how you can adjust structure health yourself.

    Get and install it wherever.
    Get and extract it wherever.
    When you open Reflector, select any framework you want.
    Click on File > Close Assembly > In the new box that popped up, scroll to the bottom and shift-click the bottommost assembly so that everything is highlighted, and then click Unload. There will still be some assemblies left, so repeat the process until there is none and it's just blank.
    Click on Tools > Add-Ins... > In the new box, click on + > In the even newer box, navigate to where you extracted Reflexil, go inside the Reflexil folder and double-click on Reflexil.Reflector.AIO.dll > Close
    Click on File > Open Assembly... > Navigate to Unturned > Unturned_Data > Managed > Double-click Assembly-CSharp.
    Click on Tools > Reflexil v1.8
    Double-click on Assembly-CSharp ( > Assembly-CSharp.dll > { } - > StructureStats > getHealth(Int32) : Int32.
    Your screen should now look like this:
    Bring up in your browser, it will contain a list of all items in the game and their corresponding IDs.
    In Reflector, in the top-right box, it will list every structure ID along with their health value below it.
    In the bottom-right box, it will list a bunch of blank spaces and health values which correspond to the order of IDs above.
    To edit the health value of a structure, go to the bottom-right box and click on a health value, then right click on it and click Edit...
    A new box will pop up, and the only thing you want to edit in that box is the number after 'Operand'. After you edit the number, click Update.
    Now look at the left box which contains the list of things like StructureStats. You want to navigate back to the top of the list and right click on Assembly-CSharp.dll. Hover your cursor over Reflexil v1.8 and click Save As... You need to save your file every time you click 'Update' or else it will crash your game
    The default name it will save as is Assembly-CSharp.Patched, but you can save it as whatever you want.
    Now if you want to see the change you made ingame, you need to move your default Assembly-CSharp file out of Managed and rename your newly saved file to Assembly-CSharp
    Start up your game, start up Singleplayer or host your own server, and any newly placed structure of the one you edited will now have the health you gave it.
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  3. The Show

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    Sounds pretty awesome. I don't run my own server and I'm part of a community server but this would be perfect for a lot of servers that want this.
  4. purple bear

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    Yeah duder5495

    i'm currently creating a server and was wondering if you could create this mod for me, just increase wood to be slightly worse than the current metal and increase metal to be twice as good?

    i'm happy to pay you

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