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The Grey Coalition Recruitment

Discussion in 'Clans' started by GreyCoalition, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. GreyCoalition

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    Hello there, thank you for your interest in the Grey Coalition. Here is a copy of our introductory handbook that we give to new recruits. This document roughly outlines our organizational structure and gives you our mission statement. If the following document sparks any interest in you, I would recommend replying to this post. We're always looking for new members, and i'm sure we can find you a place among our highly skilled and specialized organization.

    Welcome to the Gray Coalition. This document will serve as a guide to answer any questions you may have about the organization, it’s purpose, or the structure upon which it is based.

    Mission Statement: Our goal is to protect our members and to ensure an extremely fun experience, while simulating a highly organized combat organization. We will also establish superiority over all other entities that we come into contact with, and promote our agenda wherever we lay claim.

    Organization Structure: Many roles will be needed to be filled in order for the Grey Coalition to operate effectively. You will be assigned to a specific chapter depending on your playstyle, and further specialized in one of the nine Corps to accomplish tasks needed by the organization.

    Warfare Chapter

    Unturned heavily revolves around combat. Almost every single aspect of the game is either affected or directly affects combat. To this end, it is a must that we employ skilled combatants. The Warfare Chapter specializes in all forms of combat used by Unturned players, and will be expected to excel in battlefield situations. To put the Warfare Chapter’s objective in simple terms: The Warfare Chapter will become as proficient as possible in using any means required to eliminate enemy players. Using communication and tactics, the different Corps of the Warfare Chapter will come together and orchestrate death on the battlefield in a superior and masterful style. Make no mistake, if you choose to become part of the Warfare Chapter, we expect you to have good positional awareness, be knowledgeable in the use of projectiles and throwable objects, be a strong team player. have a cool head during tense combat situations, and of course, have exceptional aim.

    Infantry Corps: Experts in player to player combat, the line infantry of the Grey Coalition is one of the most flexible and important roles filled within our organization. The Infantry Corps protects our assets, and spearheads assaults on enemy positions. In addition to guarding and patrolling Coalition held territory, the Infantry will be sent on expeditions with the Engineering Chapter, and will conduct looting missions across the entire map. Wherever there are Coalition assets or members that need to be defended, or enemies that need to be neutralized, the Infantry Corps will be there.

    Vehicle Corps: Vehicles provide many upsides when utilized in Unturned. When introduced onto the battlefield, they can be a game-changing dynamic. The Vehicle Corps will maintain and operate all Vehicles that the Coalition possesses. They will deliver raid and looting parties to designated locations to ensure that all members of the Coalition can complete their objectives as efficiently and swiftly as possible. In combat situations, the Vehicle Corps will also be used as auxiliary infantry, holding positions and maintaining the functionality of their vehicles.

    Recon Corps: Masters of stealth and aim, the Recon Corps serves as the scouting force for the Grey Coalition. Before any raid on enemy bases can be launched, information must be gathered first. The Recon Corps will identify weak points in fortifications, collect screenshots of enemy positions, and scout for potentially favorable raiding locations. During battlefield operations, the Recon Corps will also serve as deadly snipers, supporting and facilitating the efforts of the Infantry Corps. With the best aim in the entire organization, the Recon Corps will acquire battlefield advantage one shot at a time.

    Administration Chapter

    Organization will be one of our strengths when meeting our enemies on the battlefield. Information flow and creative minds will give us an advantage that ragtag clans will never hope to match. For our military organization to be able to function properly, we will need people processing the information and formulating plans. The Administration Chapter will also shine outside of the game, increasing the effectiveness of our operations, and growing the influence of our Coalition. In-game, the Administration Chapter will also serve as a support contingent for the Warfare Chapter, and will be needed to assist in looting operations.

    Recruitment Corps: The organization is nothing without reliable, committed members. It is the Recruitment Corps’ job to increase the active member count of the Grey Coalition, whether it be in-game or through advertising campaigns on forums or social media. The Recruitment Corps will also walk any new recruits through the required steps for entry into our Coalition. If any diplomatic problems occur in game with other large clans or groups, members of the Recruitment Corps will be called in to resolve the issue peacefully.

    Tactical Corps: Information will be an important part of our success. The Tactical Corps will formulate plans of attack, promote effective combat strategies, and work in unison with the Engineering Chapter to establish outposts and bases in important locations. The Tactical Corps will also be in charge of regulating the distribution of materials and resources to the other Corps for usage.

    Information Corps: The Information Corps will essentially be the Human Resources Department of our organization. Any complaints, ideas to improve the organization, or impeachment requests will be brought to the Information Corps. The Information Corps will also keep track of all information pertaining to our members including associated accounts, records of problems, and awards. Put simply, the Information Corps stores all information regarding members of our Coalition and events.

    Engineering Chapter

    Accumulated wealth is nothing without protection. We cannot claim territory without fortifications to secure it, and we cannot hope to acquire territory without removing any unwanted guests. The Engineering Chapter will focus on the destruction and creation of powerful fortresses and key outposts. The Engineering Chapter will also commonly replace or modify existing structures to better suit the function or security of the building. The construction of complex and rare items will also fall to the Engineering Chapter. The Engineering Chapter is the home of the craftsman and the creative soldier.

    Construction Corps: Reliable bases and outposts places strategically across the map will be key to the success of The Grey Coalition. The construction of secure and magnificent structures will fall to the Construction Corps. The Construction Corps will also modify or reform existing structures to suit a purpose or objective laid down by the Council or the Administrative Chapter. Those who take pleasure in the erection of large, protected, and beautiful buildings will thrive in this Corps.

    Demolition Corps: The destruction of defensive fortifications is a critical part of the raiding process. To this end, we will deploy a specialized Corps designed to excel at base siege. Raiding enemy locations will bring with it a substantial amount of risk, so to minimize this risk, the Demolition Corps will be extremely proficient in destruction and breaching tactics. In short: Neutralization of all base defense is the primary goal of the Demolition Corps. During the raid itself, the Demolition Corps will also function as a support element for the primary engagement force, The Warfare Chapter.

    Fabrication Corps: Crafting necessary materials takes attention, skills points, and time. Since our organization functions well due to the specialization of roles, it would be counter-productive to take up the time of our other Corps by making them craft the materials they need to perform their jobs. The Fabrication Corps will handle, maintain, and craft all rare and hard to acquire materials and items. The Fabrication Corps will also be in charge of organizing the Grey Coalition’s wealth and firepower, so that the Administration Chapter can properly equip the other Corps with ease.

    Rank and Chain of Command: Organization will be one of our most powerful tools when conducting our operations. While we will not sap freedom away from our members by giving them direct orders to carry out, we will need certain individuals directing and overseeing the action of all Corps and Chapters.

    Director: The Director will oversee all Coalition action in a single server. When minor decisions must be made for the whole of the organization, the Director will be the one to co-ordinate and plan the general direction and action of the server’s Coalition presence. There will be a single Director for each server the Coalition is active on.

    Chapter Master: Each chapter will be supervised and directed by a Chapter Master. The Chapter Masters will ensure that the Chapter is running smoothly, and will take direct command over Chapter operations. It is the Chapter Master’s duty to be aware of all operations and events being conducted by the various Corps within the Chapter. The Chapter Master is also personally responsible for the Chapters morale and mental attitude. Chapter Master’s are expected to be masters of their Chapters role, be ready to commit a significant amount of time to ensuring their Chapter runs without error, and approach their duties with a high degree of maturity.

    Executive Council: The Executive Council will be the primary decision making body for the entirety of the Grey Coalition. It will consist of all Coalition Chapter Masters and the Director. The Executive Council will decide all major decisions that concern the organization.

    Corps Officer: The Corps Officer will be in charge of detailed supervision in each of their respective Corps. Corps Officers will also assume command of Corps operations when the Chapter Master is not present. The Corps Officer will also be responsible for ensuring that each Corps is running smoothly and accomplishing its objective efficiently.

    Sergeant: Enlisted members of the Coalition who distinguish themselves through exceptional service can be recommended for an elevation to Sergeant. Sergeants will take up leadership positions when officers are not available. Sergeants will also take priority to direct and command squads and looting parties during operations.

    Master Sergeant: Master Sergeants are individuals who have proven to be far more mature and skilled than the average soldier. Master Sergeants are taken from the most exceptional of the sergeants, and further promoted to higher leadership positions. The creation of a Master Sergeant is a very specific process. A Corps Officer or Chapter Master has to identify a Sergeant as performing well beyond his or her expected duties. After gaining approval from the chain of command, the recommending Corps Officer or Chapter Master will then promote the Sergeant to Master Sergeant, and will take on the individual as their second in command. An officer may only have one active Master Sergeant at a time.
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  2. Mike G.Morow

    Mike G.Morow N00b

    The time that you guys put into this is huge and the handbook is really well done.
    I'm looking forward into becoming a member ,I think this clan might've reach my expectations.
  3. GreyCoalition

    GreyCoalition N00b

    If you link me your steam ID, I can send you an invite
  4. I'd like to join. I was contacted by one of your members, A New Dominion, but for some reason he removed me from his friends list during the time I was waiting to hear if I would be accepted or not. Please add me on Steam: CompletelyCaleb
  5. Kcalkins159

    Kcalkins159 N00b

    Id love to join in, send me a friend request on steam and lets get this started : stixus7
  6. I_Am_God

    I_Am_God N00b

    id love to join your clan, it looks amazing but ive just recently started to play unturned my steam id: STEAM_0:1:127042280
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