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Tips on engaging enemies

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by TriaLens, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. TriaLens

    TriaLens N00b

    "Know how and when to engage an enemy."
    • Tip 1: Avoid getting spotted "first", some player have high quality setting that makes the grasses, bushes thicker. Use that to your advantage. Prone to bushes or grasses and keep away from the cities you will enter.
    • Tip 2: "solo players" first thing to remember, YOURE ALONE, keep it on mind. that knowing your enemy first is the best ( is he fully geared? How many? Are there snipers or support on their back? ). If you have info to your prey, you can kill them easily.
    • Tip 3 "solo player" you found a group of people fully geared, roaming the side of the city, what will you do? Stay on any cover, or shelter. Wait for a person to enter, if you have a gun aim it on the head (if you can't, don't use your sight because it's cqc, it's hard to aim for beginners.) After you killed the guy, expect his group to attack your position. Flee from the opposite side. You're a solo player, you're outnumbered.
    • Tip 4 Backstab your enemies, not mean backstab by being a traitor in a group, I mean literally backstab. Shoot them from behind, craft a silencer. Note: the silencer reduce the damage of a firearm.
    • Tip 5 Practice your aim in long range, know when your bullets will drop. keep your distance, craft a scope.
    • Tip 6 "Group engage" Engaging an enemy with your group is the best feeling in your life time in unturned, especially when you all get killed by a single person. To engage in unexpected situations, a group must keep their distance about 20-50 meters in an enemy. You need at least one person to cover you. Never separate yourself with your members unless you're a sniper.
    • Tip 7 "Group raid" this part is where all the expendables thing will happen. If your group compose of 4 players, tip 6 will be the best tip for you. Make a cover fire for you group, and push forward. Don't separate yourself to your mates. If you're compose of 6 players and you will raiding a huge base, make a sniper that will scout for you and cover your group. This sniper need a partner in case someone backstab them, the other 4 will raid the base. 4 players is enough to wreck the whole group.
    • Tip 8 The most important thing to remember is to keep gaining experiences and keep on practicing, remember your mistakes and done.
    That's for today, I hope you like my tips to how to engage players. Comment if something is missed or your opinion. I left unturned about a year and I feel lacking of information, because...lots updates was released. Have a good day or night surviving!
  2. xShineyThighx

    xShineyThighx N00b

    Good read, thanks for the post :3

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