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Top quality horde solo method

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Best Varus KR, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Best Varus KR

    Best Varus KR N00b

    Hello my friends I have a great video about how you have to defeat the horde as a solo player in Washing's Ton.

    The Channel of Mine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-enFKOrEf6N2Kq_YG3sFcQ

    Here is the guide on the thread if you cannot click a video.

    The real prerequisites:
    So you gotta have the crafting III or engineering III to get the horde beacon I don't remember which but go get that anyways.
    Now you gotta get some 6 metal sheets, 6 metal bars, 2 chemicals, 2 explosives, and a blowtorch.
    Metal: Go to Seattle and break some cars. Then get some lotta metal. Or you can go to the Olympian base and scrap down the metal clothes.
    Chemicals: Man what a pain this is. Go to Scorpion 7 and kill the Orange Boys. Or you can get some Orange Clothes and walk into the deadzone UFO area to kill the Orange Boys there. But you might need some cough syrup to heal your dead radiation.
    Explosives: Guy just go to any old military place like the broken cars or the broken tunnel or how just about Olympian. All the zombies might drop your explosives, or you can find 'em lying around everywhere.
    Blowtorch: Oh man just go to the gas place in Seattle it's a chance.

    Then make your beacon!

    Now every time you go to Olympia, make sure to build a big sand bag staircase on the picnic bench. Build it up to infinity high if you would like. When that is complete, you can now go home and get your guns. For the horde you want some fast SMG's, some top military rifles. Take some grenades too. And a katana in case you gotta make a mess of things.
    "Don't take a grizzly to a horde fight"

    Also don't forget to bring the beacon.

    Get all your stuff ready. Repair all your guns with the metal. Get some good food and some good dressings if you might be at death's door. Then put the beacon on the picnic bench. Climb up your sand bag heaven staircase and that's how it goes. Drop some grenades on the stupid guys who sit underneath you. Then shoot em up. That is the basic story of how to do it. All you need is enough ammo and enough energy to not fall asleep at your desk from shooting dead men for half an hour. It is very simple.

    The end.
  2. WolfLeader

    WolfLeader N00b+


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