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Question Unturned Crashes upon loading

Discussion in 'Server & Game Support' started by JoshJF, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. JoshJF

    JoshJF N00b

    As per update my game began to crash when the game was first loading. The game would always stop when on the loading screen when it said:
    Loading client workshop assets: 1054/1279
    Then a dialog box will open stating the game has crashed and to send the crash report to the developer.

    However, that crash would only occur the first 1-3 times launching the game, then it would work. Now with update this same crash occurs every time I launch the game.

    I have validated my files, unsubscribed from all workshop items, and reinstalled the game twice, one of which was a powerful uninstall, removing all traces of the game from my computer.

    This is the crash file:
    The first file, "crash" contains random text and lettering. (Inform me if I should open the file using a different application). The second file, "error" contains the following:


    Again, please inform me if I am supposed to open either of these files using a different application. I appreciate and support anyone can give. Thank you.

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