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Unturned Event 24th July

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Combe, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Combe

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    The Unturned project wishes to announce the event we have planned for the 24th July 2015, during our community's "Summer Events!" Let me answer some questions you may have:

    So firstly what is your event?

    Well we decided that a few of the best aspects of Unturned are: the fight for survival combined with the aspect of scarce resources, the increasingly tough environments depending on your choice of difficulty, and the harsh inhabitants of the island (zombies.) This gave us the idea of doing a Hunger Games event that will not only put your limits as a player to the test, but also your wits, courage and communication will also come into play.

    How will this Hunger Games be run?

    We will have 6-8 admins patrolling the server at the time of the event, these admins are very well trusted and will be trained to help assist anyone who needs help, and they will arrive before the event and can be found in our TeamSpeak. As for the participants, everyone who wishes to partake in our event needs to sign up on the separate post being made and will have to go to the Hardcore server ( at 7pm CST.

    Aside from the timings, the event will follow the usual way Hunger Games are run, 26 people will enter the event and there will be 3 rounds. Your position will assign you a score i.e. 10 = 16, 1 = 26 etc.. The person with the highest score at the end of the rounds will be declared the winner by myself and the other admins. There will be prizes.

    What prizes are we talking about?

    The top prize for winning the event is a very handsome $15 game/games of your choosing ($15 is either equal to, or less then, not above. You can redeem it for items as well, however any extra change i.e. 32 cents will not be credited. This applies for both items and the game/games you receive as your prize. You may also choose to redeem a game and items as your prize i.e. $10 game and $5 worth of items.) Second place will receive a nice $10 worth of game/games and/or items (same rules apply for above.) Third place will receive a Gold membership for Unturned (this cannot be exchanged for a game or items.) If you have any queries about prizes do not be afraid to approach me and ask.

    How long will the event last?

    Most Hunger Games events last only a couple of hours at most, however we will try to keep the amount of time in between games to a minimum so that everybody does not feel left out. All our other servers will be open during the event and so if you wish, you may play on those whilst you wait for the next round to begin. We may also be able to stream the game on Twitch, however this is only a possibility.

    How will I know when my it's time for the next round if I am on another server?

    There are a number of ways you can find out when the next round starts, the main way would be to add me on Steam (http://steamcommunit...61198084146088/) and I will send out a message to everyone who is participating to arrive at the server. Another way is to join the TeamSpeak channel and come find one of the admins who is assisting with the event, you will be able to recognise them with their tags displaying [UT-M] etc...

    What are the conditions and rules I must follow whilst playing the game?

    We have only three rules you need to abide by whilst playing our event:

    1. When the round is about to begin you will be teleported to a specific spot on the map with everyone else. You are not to attack/kill anyone until the games begin, or face dis-qualification from the admins.

    2. You may use global chat, however if you are going to trash talk, or use any form of taunting, please use it in the area chat, any spamming will result in a permanent gag for the entirety of the event. Global chat is really only used for alerting admins of a death and therefore try to avoid using it as much as possible.

    3. When you die, we will teleport over to your body and record your name, once that has happened you have to leave the server until we notify you to return. If you do not leave when we ask you to, you will be kicked and may not be allowed to return for the rest of the competition. If it's the final round, your points will be nullified as the punishment.

    The sign up for the event will be posted after this one. Hope to see you there! [​IMG]
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    I read this too late xD
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    What was the result of this event?

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