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Unturned Server Manager

Discussion in 'Mods / Tools' started by Marek Dev, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Marek Dev

    Marek Dev N00b

    Hello Unturned Community!

    Recently we have started developing windows application that will help to create Unturned 3 server easily. USM – Unturned Server Manager will allow you to create Vanilla server or Rocket server also you can use our advanced server editor to edit settings of your server

    such as cheats, gold only mode, votify, welcome message also its easy to edit Rocket config files, now you don’t need to go to folder in order to edit, now it’s much easier as all you need to do is to select needed config file from the drop down list and it will open in text editor (NotePad by default).

    Was it interesting? But thats not all, the most interesting is Remote Server Control. USM has a build-in feature that allows you to keep an eye on the server without you being in the game, within this feature you can:

    • Change server name & welcome message live
    • Read chat (area, world, group and see commands used by players)
    • View advanced info about players (Name, Health, Radiation, Hunger, Steam 64 ID, etc)
    • View players on the map & their last death position
    • Teleport players across the map
    • Broadcast messages as a server or use prefix feature Eg: [Admin]

    This software is on Beta mode and may contain major bugs. All the features which are currently available are being worked on to make them more stable also we are working on the new design. Current design is temporary.

    Our Website: www.unturned-server-manager.tk

    Download (




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