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Unturned Wall Glitches & How To Get Into Them

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Tanner P., Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Tanner P.

    Tanner P. N00b+

    A couple of days ago, I spent a couple of hours searching around the map in single-player, and I found a TON of wall breaches. Basically if you don't know what a wall breach is, it's where you can get inside the walls and people can't shoot you (but you can shoot them). They are somewhat cool but they also suck because people will possibly kill you from them in online. Now I uploaded a video showcasing these glitches, which I will put a link to in this post. But the main reason for me posting this thread, is for
    1) Hopefully getting Nelson to fix these glitches
    2) To use this thread for people to post wall glitches they have found around the map and for nelson to notice those too

    So, if you find a wall breach, be sure to report it in this thread!

    Here is the video showcasing the wall breaches and how to get into them.
  2. Call_Me_M

    Call_Me_M N00b+

    Definitely Pirate Cave. You can either do the jumping or going back to the menu and whatnot. I only did it in SP, but it was to make my little base look decent like it was supporting the rocks/roof.

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